Caring for a Loved One With Acromegaly

Helping to care for your loved one with acromegaly may seem challenging at first. You and your loved one are both adjusting to the diagnosis and likely trying to learn all about acromegaly.

Your loved one will need your help during this time. Depending on their symptoms, "help" may mean many different things. As you go, you will learn what your loved one needs from you.

Here are some important things you should remember to help you:

  • Learn all you can about acromegaly and your loved one's treatment plan
  • Respect their privacy; they may not always be willing to talk about their condition or how they are feeling. Try not to push them
  • Encourage independence, and allow them to do things for themselves
  • Be a good listener. Sometimes your loved one may just need to vent
  • Ask how you can help. Tell your loved one to be specific to avoid miscommunication
  • Go to your loved one's doctor appointments. You can help take notes and ask questions

Caregiver Support

You must be careful to keep meeting your own needs while caring for your loved one. Taking care of your own health and knowing your limitations will allow you to provide your loved one with the care and support he or she needs.

The following organizations are dedicated to offering information and support for caregivers:

For additional information and acromegaly resources, click here.

Acromegaly may cause your loved one to act in ways you aren't used to. Try to be patient with them. Remember, they are dealing with lots of different emotions as they adjust to life with acromegaly.