Connecting: Acromegaly
Support Groups and Resources

Acromegaly Information and Support Groups

Your healthcare provider is your first source of information because he or she understands your individual medical needs. Still, the Internet can be a good source of information about acromegaly, and it provides a way for patients and families to "talk" with one another and share feelings and resources.

Joining an acromegaly support group can help you deal with acromegaly and interact with people who are going through similar experiences. Support groups share the latest treatment information, personal stories, and ways to get support for overcoming a disease.

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Acromegaly Community

An international nonprofit support system for patients with acromegaly and their caregivers, featuring extensive disease information and support networking.

Hormone Health Network

The public education affiliate of the Endocrine Society and a leading source of hormone-related health information.

National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD)

A national organization providing patient advocacy, education, and research support for rare diseases, such as acromegaly.

Pituitary Network Association (PNA)

An international nonprofit organization for patients with pituitary tumors and disorders and their families, loved ones, and the physicians and healthcare providers who treat them.

Society for Endocrinology

Recommended if you are already very familiar with acromegaly and endocrinology.